Charter Communications

James Matthew Brewer, Carrier Network Engineering Manager

My expectations were shattered. This class was incredible! The instructor was knowledgeable, very engaging, and covered the material very quickly and concisely. I even felt prepared for the exam before the end of the second day.”


Jorge Figueiredo, Technical Sales Engineer Global Carrier Services

“Carrier Ethernet Academy is an effective learning experience that imparts a large amount of pertinent knowledge in a practical, efficient way. Learning this material really helped us understand various MEF Technical Specifications, and framed everything in such a way as to allow us to bridge the gaps between MEF Specifications and our own network. This will allow us to talk to other MEF Certified customers in an intelligent way.”  


Gary McMahon, Product Manager

“The course reinforced the importance of Carrier Ethernet to me and also opened my thinking to how I can use the content with my customers.” 


Thomas A Turner, VP Sales

“The Carrier Ethernet Academy definitely made it possible for me to become MEF-CECP Certified. The knowledge gained in the course will allow me to better support my team, and the certification will reassure my customers that we are prepared to support their business. The instructor made a difficult training program enjoyable and successful.”  


Andrew Owens, Product Development Manager

“It’s only once you see the volume of material that the certification consists of, that you realize what an achievement it is to successfully compress it all into a 3-4 day course. Just some of the concepts learned in the course have helped solve real-world problems on my own network, and that alone is worth the admission fee!”  

Charter Communications

David Abel, Sales Engineer

“I have attended several bootcamps within my career in information technology. This course was by far the best instructor led course I have attended. From the extremely knowledgeable instructor to the length of hours each day was just right. You didn’t feel overloaded or burdened as long as you studied on your own after class. Thank you Carrier Ethernet Academy for this opportunity and helping me acquire my CECP 2.0.”

Fonex Data Systems

Anastasios (Tasso) Varvarikos, CD Pre-Sales Consultant

The MEF-CECP Bootcamp training is everything they say it is (though, fast-paced, but lots of fun)!!! Some members of our team were new to the Carrier Ethernet standards, but the course flow and our instructor really made these topics clear and concise of all of us to understand. The result of this training is that our knowledge baseline has risen, which will allow us to speak to our customers intelligently regarding Carrier Ethernet solutions. Three days well spent.”

Bluebird Network

James D. Taylor Director - Carrier Sales

Carrier Ethernet Academy did an excellent job of condensing the volumes of material and information into a clear, concise, examination of Carrier Ethernet guidelines, specifications and standards in a short amount of time. In addition to the certification, I gained a great deal of knowledge regarding the services that our company needs to offer to be a competitive player as a service provider.”

Eidsiva Bredband

Even Endresen, Network Consultant BKK Fiber AS

The CECP Boot Camp was excellent, and the instructor was the very best - overall it couldn't have been done better.

Level 3

 John Jackson, Network Applications Engineer

“The instructor was not only knowledgeable about the course material, but also about the industry and the specific companies that each student worked for. He also provided specific information on how each student could apply and benefit from the information learned throughout the course!”

Charter Communications

Eric Mitch, Director National Sales Engineering

“The Carrier Ethernet Academy trained my whole team and not only did we pass the CECP exam with flying colors, we learned more about Carrier Ethernet than we could have imagined! Having the course done for just my team enabled us to talk about our specific network and services and the instructor was able to relate the MEF concepts to our specific implementation!”


Reynaldo Carrillo, Optical SSM

“One of the best training that I have received about Carrier Ethernet. The program is very well defined and tested with the expertise of the instructor. I was very impressed by the knowledge and dedication of the instructors.”

Charter Communications

Dan Collins, Manager-Sales Engineering

“Carrier Ethernet Academy offers a solid training program for obtaining the industry recognized MEF-CECP certification credential. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and kept us all on track throughout the demanding program. There wasn’t a question she couldn’t respond to using clear, concise answers that helped make sense of technically complex concepts. I would definitely recommend the Carrier Ethernet Academy.”

Level 3 Communications

Audio Khan, Network Application Engineer II

“The instructor was top notch.  It’s rare to find a combination of expertise and dynamism in an instructor, and he addressed any questions or needed explanations in the right amount of detail. I felt very prepared for the exam. “


Gary McMahon, Product Manager

“The course reinforced the importance of Carrier Ethernet to me and opened my thinking to how I can use the content with my customers.” 


Dacia Samuels, Technical Sales Engineer Global Carrier Services

“The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp course was fast-paced, concise and highly relevant. I was able to leverage what I learned immediately upon returning to work. I would highly recommend it.”  


Jose Del Risco, System Sales Engineer

“Having worked for many years with packet based networks both with enterprises and service providers, I have to admit that going into this training I really didn’t have that much expectations about the certification. However, the combination of useful content meant to provide the relevant information to certify Ethernet equipment and services, together with a very well delivered message by knowledgeable and experienced trainers made of this training a good experience and valuable investment.”


Mark Aylor, Consulting Systems Engineer

“One of the best boot camps I’ve attended for prepping you to take a certification exam.” 

Charter Communications

Arman Baughman, Sales Engineer

“The instructor led class was very well rounded for a broad spectrum of students. My instructor had years of real world experience and actually knew and understood what she was teaching us.”


Terry Kennedy, Sales Engineer

“I can’t say enough good things about the Carrier Ethernet Academy, especially our Instructor.  She is the First TRUE SME I’ve met in my 40+ years in this industry.”  

B&B Electronics

Brendan Mullooly, EMEA Strategic Accounts Manager

“The instructor did an excellent job with the training, but more importantly he was happy to go ‘off tangent’ to discuss how the various MEF standards actually work in the real world. Pass or fail (I passed), the ‘non-applicable’ stuff was invaluable. Good work, good course, highly recommended. ”  


Greg Ensminger, Director Sales Engineering

“The Boot Camp course instructor was one of the best I have ever had. His ability to make tough technical concepts accessible to a mixed audience is amazing. He has the rare ability to explain technical concepts clearly and succinctly with examples that illuminate and make them applicable. He can also go very deep technically because of his vast experience in telecom and networking.”  


Eric Fligel, VP, Network Engineering

“The training that we received from Carrier Ethernet Academy not only prepared the class for the CECP exam, but also provided valuable knowledge and skills that will enable WOW! to exceed our internal Carrier Ethernet growth goals. The class combined the appropriate theory with practical application, from a respected instructor, for an overall exceptional training experience. Thank you CEA!”  


Jami Rousseau, Ethernet Fiber Product Manager

“The Carrier Ethernet Academy trained a cross-functional team of SFR engineers and product managers, and turned us into Carrier Ethernet subject matter experts in just three days. We all passed the CECP exam, and the knowledge gained will definitely make us much more effective in our jobs. We’re really proud to be the first French Operator with so many people certified.”


Scott Vandiver, Director, Global Technical Services

“The Carrier Ethernet Academy is the fastest way to be MEF CECP certified. I put my whole team through the CECP bootcamp and in less than a week we were all CECP’s. But the course doesn’t just help you pass the exam, it gave us all a solid foundation in Carrier Ethernet and the MEF technical specs.”


Winnie Evans, Senior

“Pulsecom sent a team of engineers, marketing and sales through Carrier Ethernet Academy’s Boot Camp. All the CE topics were presented in a concise, understandable manner and reinforced with exercises. The outcome was phenomenal! Not only did the team receive CECP certification, the mastery of Carrier Ethernet fundamentals has increased our productivity and allowed us to communicate more clearly with our customers.”