The Comprehensive Carrier Ethernet Training is a 4-day course ideally suited for Telecom industry professionals—including executive, management and sales personnel—or for anyone seeking a thorough education on Carrier Ethernet.The course combines our Carrier Ethernet Basic Training and Carrier Ethernet Boot Camp in a slower-paced 4-day course that provides a comprehensive introduction and technical foundation to modern networking and Carrier Ethernet technologies, followed by a deep-dive into MEF services definitions, interfaces, transport and access technologies, Service OAM, Circuit Emulation and the MEFs CE certification programs.

The course is taught by a faculty made exclusively of MEF veterans with years of experience working within the MEF’s technical committee as well as companies actively involved in the development of Carrier Ethernet. Included in the training are interactive on-line quizzes that provide immediate feedback on students’ mastery of the material; practical exercises designed to reinforce the theoretical concepts with real-world application.

At the end of the course, and success on the final course exam, students will receive a Carrier Ethernet Academy Certificate with a designation as Carrier Ethernet subject-matter experts.

The Comprehensive Carrier Ethernet training is available onsite only. To schedule a session, please contact us.