The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s Carrier Ethernet Basic Training course covers the most important aspects of packet-based Local and Wide Area Networking technologies, terminology and protocols. Designed for executives who develop, market, sell, support or invest in Ethernet products or services, our Basic Training course provides a comprehensive introduction to modern networking and Carrier Ethernet technologies. It also provides a solid technical foundation for students that wish to follow with the Carrier Ethernet Academy’s Carrier Ethernet Boot Camp course in preparation for their MEF-CECP certification.

In this one-day course, you will learn essential concepts in:

  • Fundamentals of Modern Data Communications
  • Local Area Networking Technologies and Applications
  • Wide Area Networking for LAN Interconnection Technologies
  • Carrier Ethernet Essentials
  • Popular Applications for Carrier Ethernet
  • The Carrier Ethernet value proposition
  • The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)
  • Understanding the Market for Carrier Ethernet Services
  • Applications and Opportunities for Selling Carrier Ethernet

The one-day Carrier Ethernet Basic Training course is available onsite as a stand-alone training for a minimum group size of 15 students, or as a preparatory training immediately prior to a scheduled Carrier Ethernet Boot Camp training session.  Please contact us for more information on scheduling and pricing.