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The Best MEF-CECP Training Available. Anywhere. Period.

The Carrier Ethernet Academy is the only training academy focused exclusively on Carrier Ethernet Services and the work of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), and our passion for it shows in everything we do!  With well over 2,500 world-wide MEF-CECPs trained to date, the Academy is the best place to learn about Carrier Ethernet, and to prepare for the MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) certification exam.


The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp is a focused, accelerated program that consolidates all key MEF technical material into a concise, fast-paced, 3-day course that delivers successful results.  The course combines instruction with real-time feedback and practical exercises designed to thoroughly prepare students to pass the MEF-CECP exam.  Our Boot Camp is the best way to become a Carrier Ethernet expert and earn your MEF-CECP certification as a result of that expertise.


Not only have we graduated more MEF-CECPs than any other training source, our graduates stand at the top of all MEF-CECP achievers and include the highest-scoring MEF-CECPs, as well as the only perfect 100% score on the rigorous exam.  We also happen to have the most accelerated, lowest cost program available!


The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s On-Site MEF-CECP Boot Camp is the most impactful way to turn the Carrier Ethernet professionals in your workforce into MEF experts. We come to your location, illustrate the key MEF concepts using your products and services, and adapt the MEF-CECP prep course to create a customized learning experience.  The result is a marked improvement in your effectiveness and productivity as soon as you’ve graduated and earned your MEF-CECP certificate.


Our results speak for themselves, our graduates speak for us! Here's what our Alumni have to say.



The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s Carrier Ethernet Basic Training course covers the most important aspects of packet-based Local and Wide Area Networking technologies, terminology and protocols. Designed for executives who develop, market, sell, support or invest in Ethernet products or services, our Basic Training course provides a comprehensive introduction to modern networking and Carrier Ethernet technologies. It also provides a solid technical foundation for students that wish to follow with the Carrier Ethernet Academy’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp course in preparation for their MEF-CECP certification.


In this one-day course, you will learn essential concepts in:


• Fundamentals of Modern Data Communications
• Local Area Networking Technologies and Applications
• Wide Area Networking for LAN Interconnection Technologies
• Carrier Ethernet Essentials
• Popular Applications for Carrier Ethernet
• The Carrier Ethernet value proposition
• The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)
• Understanding the Market for Carrier Ethernet Services
• Applications and Opportunities for Selling Carrier Ethernet


The one-day Carrier Ethernet Basic Training course is available onsite as a stand-alone training for a minimum group size of 15 students, or as a preparatory training immediately prior to a scheduled MEF-CECP Boot Camp training session.  The course will be available at our public training facilities shortly. Please contact us for more information on scheduling and pricing.



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Our Graduates!


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    "The Carrier Ethernet Academy turned us into subject matter experts in just 3 days.  We all passed the MEF-CECP exam, and the knowledge gained will definitely make us much more effective in our jobs."

    Jamy Rousseau, Ethernet Fiber Product Manager – SFR          

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    "The Carrier Ethernet Academy is the fastest way to be MEF-CECP certified. I put my whole team through the MEF-CECP bootcamp and in less than a week we were all MEF-CECPs."

    Scott Vandiver, Director, Global Technical Services – Overture Networks  

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    "The Carrier Ethernet Academy trained my whole team and not only did we pass the exam with flying colors, we learned more about Carrier Ethernet than we could have imagined!"

    Eric Mitch, Director National Sales Engineering – Time Warner Cable

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    "The Carrier Ethernet Academy's MEF-CECP Boot Camp course was fast-paced, concise and highly relevant. I was able to leverage what I learned immediately upon returning to work. I would highly recommend it."

    Dacia Samuels, Technical Sales Engineer Global Carrier Services

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    "Carrier Ethernet Academy is an effective learning experience that imparts a large amount of pertinent knowledge in a practical, efficient way. Learning this material really helped us understand various MEF Technical Specifications, and framed everything in such a way as to allow us to bridge the gaps between MEF Specifications and our own network. This will allow us to talk to other MEF Certified customers in an intelligent way."

    Jorge Figueiredo, Technical Sales Engineer – MTS Allstream

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    "We are very focused on CE 2.0 certification and the CE 2.0 training delivered by the Carrier Ethernet Academy was an excellent way to become knowledgeable of the test requirements."
    Lance Hassan, Principal Engineer – Time Warner Cable

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    "Mastery of Carrier Ethernet fundamentals has increased our productivity and allowed us to communicate more clearly with our customers."
    Winnie Evans, Senior Product Manager – Pulsecom

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    "I thoroughly enjoyed the Carrier Ethernet Academy training.  The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and has a gift for explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner. I’m already using the newfound info at work and would highly recommend this training program."
    Scott Mench, Advanced Solution Engineer - Ethernet Services – Sprint